Onify Helix 0.26.1 released

Changelog for 0.26.1


To upgrade to this version, run the following command in your custom Helix (app) repo:

npx giget "gh:onify/helix/apps/helix-app#v0.26.1./" ./ --auth="<ONIFY_GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN>" --force --verbose 


  • helix-app

    • Adds test page component for the new HBulletin component
  • helix-core

    • adds limit prop for h-autocomplete which enforces how many items a user can select if multiple prop is enabled

    • adds hValidate.maxLength validator to support selection limit validation for other components

    • adds sanitized html support using VueDomPurifyHTMLPlugin

    • adds useHErrorRedirect composable that performs a redirect to a route with error params

  • helix-pages

    • adds HLegacyError page that can be used with the new useHErrorRedirect composable
  • helix-components

    • adds HBulletin component


  • helix-core

    • fixes use-http-request error handling


  • helix-app

    • refactors helix-core installation. Need to update main.js.