Onify Helix 0.28.0 released

Changelog for 0.28.0


To upgrade to this version, run the following command in your custom Helix (app) repo:

npx giget "gh:onify/helix/apps/helix-app#v0.28.0./" ./ --auth="<ONIFY_GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN>" --force --verbose 




  • Improvements

    • adds new properties for HBulletin.

      • adds new prop is: now able to specify what component will be used as a container. Defaults to 'div'.
      • adds new props action:* a way to easily pass in props that apply to all bulletin actions. By prefixing action:, the suffix is then passed as the prop for the action. For example: append-icon="mdi:mdi-chevron-right" is applied to the action buttons. Will look like: <v-btn append-icon="mdi:mdi-chevron-right">...</v-btn>.
    • adds possibility to entirely override the content and styles of the contents by using the new slots added to the bulletin.

    • adds a click event that passes the bulletin action and a bulletin item as context to attach behavior to action buttons other than a redirect


  • Refactors
    • renames h-smart-link to h-action-link