Onify Hub API 2.1.12 released

Changelog from version 2.1.10 to 2.1.12


fix: add user.token to handlebars context in when creating agent task from form. Removed in v2.1.9


feature: add encrypt decrypt with client secret in flow script
feature: add jwt sign and verify to flow scripts
feature: get my settings by tags
feature: signal process from form by passing processid and stateid
fix: bypass scheduled start when starting workflow from api
fix: change default behaviour of api/http request in flow to throw error if http status code is >= 400
fix: flow not resumed when workflow has states
fix: flows scheduled when they shouldn't be
fix: get my config settings by tag
fix: read mail_to and mail_from settings from database when sending mail
fix: respond with process when starting flow via form
fix: slugify modeller deployment name as workflow key
fix: workflow scheduled tag is just for decoration from now on


feature: use resource script in flow script task, sequence flow condition, or input/output