Onify Hub API 2.13.0 released

Changelog for 2.13.0


  • feature: Support elevated role in onifyElevatedApiRequest
  • feature: Support passing scriptTimeout extension property to flow activity to override default flow script timeout of 60000ms
    • Supports milliseconds as string or expression, e.g. 180000, ${120000}, or ${environment.variables.input.scriptTimeout}
    • Sequence flow condition scripts are executed in the context of source activity, hence activity scriptTimeout property is used and NOT sequence flow properties
  • feature: Add authScript for single sign-on via domains
  • feature: forward flow activity output via sequence flow properties to next activity (@onify/flow-extensions)[https://www.npmjs.com/package/@onify/flow-extensions]
  • fix: update bpmn workflows when syncing git resources
    • Can be triggered manually by calling POST /api/v2/admin/resources/sync?refresh=true
    • Sync is scheduled to run every 30 minutes in worker
  • fix: deploy flow via modeler updates schedule of all workflows referencing the same resource
  • fix: scheduled flow is paused for the wrong reason
  • fix: list admin processes ignores system by default, unless overriden by query
  • fix: Admin endpoint fixed removing array of objects for put method (e.g. options in guide)