Onify Hub API 2.20.0 released

Changelog for 2.20.0


  • feat: ability to add custom routes via settings (custom_routes)
  • feat: ability to edit user custom field (object) in admin interface
  • feat: add theme field to users index
  • feat: implement script functions (https://github.com/onify/script-functions) in Onify Flow
  • improve: enhanced performance, increased security, and extended support for modern JavaScript features following the major upgrade to Node.js v18
  • improve: stop stalled non-persistent processes if not modified within 10 minutes
  • improve: remove acknowledged field from my/bulletins/{key} result object
  • fix: fixed issue when exporting swagger docs for admin, files and public endpoints
  • fix: fixed issue with enable debug and trace logging in API and WORKER
  • fix: mitigate multi-instance memory issues
  • fix: always refresh index for delete process and workflow endpoints
  • fix: flow boundary event start execution listener will be executed detached from execution to mitigate container crash, see @onify/flow-extensions for explanation. Occasional script errors will just be debug logged by DEBUG=bpmn* flag.
  • fix: add filter to avoid duplicate acknowledge bulletin
  • fix: change validation order for system settings
  • fix: vulnerability with Local File Inclusion (LFI) with resources