Onify Hub API 2.4.0 released

Changelog for version 2.4.0


New endpoints to patch and delete item action and improved handling of domains and privileges for processes.


Add domain to process

Add domain property to process. Copied from workflow.

curl example to reindex process index:

curl -X POST "http://hub-api:8181/api/v2/setup/database/reindex?indexes=dev-process" \
  -H  "accept: application/json" \
  -H  "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H  "authorization: Bearer <bearertoken>" \
  -d "{}"
  • http://hub-api:8181: api url
  • indexes=dev-process: full name of process index including indexPrefix
  • -H "authorization: Bearer <bearertoken>": admin bearer token or admin token


New endpoints are added to patch and delete an item action.

  • PATCH /admin/items/{key}/action/{id}: Patch an existing item action
  • DELETE /admin/items/{key}/action/{id}: Delete item action by action id

fix: access process where user has state privileges

One must match:

  • matching process state.user
  • matching process state.role
  • state contains negative role, e.g. !user-role (not recommended but works)


feature: delete and patch item action
feature: get process state by id
feature: set process tag(s) from flow
feature: set process properties from flow, i.e title, description, and hide
feature: set hide process when used from form
feature: add ability to hide process from user when starting workflow
fix: use form name instead of title in audit log
fix: translate form title audit log
fix: allow null for array fields
fix: copy domain from workflow to process
fix: process access when domain is set
fix: return forbidden instead of not found if access to workflow is denied
fix: start workflow access when domain is set
fix: added translations for process strings
fix: add form submit audit to process and workflow integration
fix: process state not updated
fix: expose tools endpoints to api documentation
fix: allow bearer and domainadmin to access /tools/elastic/query
fix: broken delete item and audit
fix: make sure flow user is impersonate user
fix: cleanup of temporary files failed when empty
fix: rephrase error message when failes to clean up temporary files
fix: access process where user has state priviligies
fix: add new string for running process not found - running_process_not_found
fix: export configuration includes workflow
fix: submit form to process with parallel sub process user tasks

  • pass query statescope with id of sub process execution, i.e. environment.variables.content.executionId