Onify Hub API 2.6.0 released

Changelog from version 2.4.1 to 2.6.0


  • feature: reindex named item index
  • fix: send not found and not forbidden if process output is not found
  • fix: use local server time zone when parsing cron
  • fix: reinitialize git resources after server start
  • improve: leader election
  • improve: resume flows after instance restart
  • improve: save api and worker instance
  • fix: resume flows stopped by restart api
  • fix: ignore update last user active conflict error



A process without roles is now personal, i.e. it can be accessed only by the starting user and admin.


feature: make processes personal
improve: set multi tenant environment from config and license
fix: terminate process if agent is forbidden to update process
fix: add auth headers to item action endpoints
fix: workflow access admin
fix: new string for process status page
fix: validation for optional fields when required



Add meta to workflow and process state

Indices query is required when reindexing:

  • remove reindex post payload since it is not used
  • legacy query parameter indexes is still accepted

Add meta property to process and workflow state.

curl example to reindex workflow and process index:

curl -X POST "http://hub-api:8181/api/v2/setup/database/reindex?indexes=process,workflow" \
  -H  "accept: application/json" \
  -H  "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H  "authorization: Bearer <bearertoken>" \
  -d "{}"
  • http://hub-api:8181: api url
  • -H "authorization: Bearer <bearertoken>": admin bearer token or admin token


Run a short running synchrone (non persistent) workflow that will return output and state.

Workflow and process allows meta property on process and state. It must be an object and can have properties that contain string or number or an array with the same.


feature: short running synchrone (non persistent) workflows
feature: allow meta on process and process state
feature: set meta on process from flow

  • set by using input/output process.meta as object from flow

fix: response examples for sync workflows and get task
fix: short running workflows using bpmn resource
fix: disable payload pre-processing on run workflow
fix: accept expireat as state property

breaking: indices query is required when reindexing

  • remove reindex post payload since it is not used
  • legacy query parameter indexes is still accepted

fix: make sure flow state has the correct parameters
doc: start documenting responses
fix: no tags added when deploying workflow from modeler
fix: falsy detected mapping changes


fix: update bpmn-engine to fix sequential loop bug
fix: update bpmn-engine to add support for Group and Category
fix: expose version to modeler
fix: workflow state is optional