Onify Hub API 2.7.0 released

Changelog for version 2.7.0


  • feature: log to elasticsearch
  • feature: handle process action from within flow
  • feature: inspect process api endpoint (/admin/processes/{id}/inspect)
  • improve: collect flow states before saving to db
  • improve: elasticsearch wait for all shards before connecting to client
  • fix: allow reset startdate/enddate for bulletin
  • fix: maintenance mode issue
  • fix: allow reset workspace startpage
  • fix: sync resources on worker start
  • fix: disable delete of admin or domainadmin roles
  • fix: on-submit lookup does not work for form item tables
  • fix: filter process actions based on status
  • fix: initialize indices on server setup fails if admin password is weak
  • fix: added 'locale.replace' data for translated errors
  • fix: make sure flow completes after all states are saved