Onify Hub API 2.1.9 released

Changelog from version 2.1.4 to 2.1.9


fix: find scheduled workflows by scheduled field instead of tag
fix: new strings for process output form element
fix: remove beta executeCommand flow service, use onifyElevatedApiRequest to execute task commands
fix: return updated process output while running


feature: bulk patch item role adds role
feature: process output returns status and output
fix: user lastactive update updated too often, not anymore


feature: get process flow output
feature: allow input object when starting process
fix: add input to variables when starting process
fix: duplicated entries in audit data field
improved: throw bad request if updating to expired saml2 domain certificate
build: use elasticssearch version 7.10.1


feature: allow Buffer.from in flow script
feature: allow scripts when bulk updating (PUT) items
feature: support signal flow start event when starting process
fix: allow createdby and modifiedby and respective date when bulk items
fix: delete process also stops flow run
fix: exclude process flowstate when admin retrieves processes
fix: handle flow javascript syntax error
fix: hide BPMN field workflows in admin interface
fix: increase maximum paylod size for bulk items
fix: log flow execution start and duration
fix: null check workflow state
fix: onifyApiRequest ignores origin, i.e. full url can be used
fix: only add scheduled tag if workflow actually is scheduled
fix: slugify item action name if id is missing
fix: spelling of item create date
fix: stop flow on persist error
fix: webhook hangs if destination responds with 500
improved: use node 14 and clean up dependencies
improved: return 403 when non-admin user calls admin endpoint


improved: refactored flow implementation


breaking: say goodbye to mailgun integration, mailgun settings prevailed for now to be used in flow server httpRequest
feature: encrypt flow state and store as base64
feature: add flow service httpRequest for external http requests
fix: allow user to upload temporary public file
improved: log when flow completed/errored/stopped
improved: put/patch item