Onify Hub APP 2.1.8 released

Changelog from version 2.0.0 to 2.1.8


fix: Fixed removing options meta files
improved: Format process startdate and enddate in view
fix: Fixed pattern in admin page
fix: Admin page: Fixed setting custom value based on setting type
fix: Fixed using default language setting
improved: Implemented custom url path for view raw item
improved: Update items.modal.view.raw.html
improved: Changed admin item "View raw" modal added key and name in to the modal header
improved: Changed admin items list, created and update
improved: Allow create new items
improved: Items admin page hide create new item
added: Admin items page
fix: Fixed dashboard translations
fix: Added unit testing for dashboard load helper
fix: Fixed dashboard "load" helpers
improved: display api version in user modal


fix: proxied api request multiple query parameters


fix: display client error message when uploading file
fix: used message variable for error message
improved: Resources page display error message as modal instead of redirecting to error page.


fix: add oni-app-name and oni-app-origin headers to proxied api calls


fix: read internal api url from env as well
fix: set proper host when proxying request to api
improved: Added min max date for datetimepicker form element
fix: upload resource that better match what api expects


fix: display git url as repo


fix: disable admin endpoints now blocks api setup, agent, and tools


added: translation helper for pug and implemented using strings


added: disable admin endpoints in app config
added: expose api with app as proxy
improved: Created translation helper for pug and implemented using strings
fix: Fixed loading strings based on user locale.
fix: Fixed use of translation filter for item templates


fix: make some more temp dirs recursive
fix: make temp dir recursive
fix: Wait for item templates before loading form elements with if conditions
fix: Strings translations for client side
fix: Fixed copy function in form element tables


fix: Forms fixed clone deep object


added: add hash handlebars helper method
improved: Early return for function convertStringToNumbers
fix: Fixed convert to number object reference
fix: Fixed initialize form elements with if conditions
improved: Removed nonBindable option from input element
improved: remove traces of old logger


improved: lint and refactor code
fix: control workspaceResultsPageSize personalshortcuts from api