Onify Hub APP 2.4.0 released

Changelog from version 2.3.1 to 2.4.0


use full resource template path for forms and dashboards

Up until this release of the api and app, pug-templates for forms and dashboards where saved with name only. This caused problems for public forms since all resources had to be fetched and compared with that name, resulting in a 401 for anonymous users, since they don't have access to all resources.

Another issue was that a pug-file in a subfolder with the same name as a file in root would pick the one that appeared first in the tree.

It can be a good idea to go through your forms and dashboards and make sure they point to the correct template.

dropped support for deprecated api environment variables

ONIFY_API_TOKEN: rename to ONIFY_api_admintoken
ONIFY_API_URL_INTERNAL: rename to ONIFY_api_internalUrl
ONIFY_API_URL_EXTERNAL: rename to ONIFY_api_externalUrl


breaking: use full resource template path for forms and dashboards
feature: render workflow page BPMN
feature: render process BPMN
fix: don't load language unless configured
fix: let app crash if api admintoken is not set properly
fix: log endpoint when api settings and/or strings fails
fix: public forms not working as expected


fix: api reconnect bug


fix: stop shoving the same process when viewing raw.


  • breaking: dropped support for deprecated api environment variables

fix: load all admin settings
fix: create settings as object
fix: reload strings and settings after 60s
fix: reload strings on api error
fix: display form element process output as stringified result
fix: process state strange behaviour for the tooltips
fix: process output variable result and css style
fix: snackbar notification style