Onify Hub APP 2.7.0 released

Changelog for version 2.7.0


  • feature: ability to expand dashboard widgets
  • feature: disable throwing errors for pug helper apiRequest using throwErrors=false
  • feature: load item(s) on dashboards (similar as forms)
  • feature: run ad-hoc workflows in a form
  • feature: form lookup options supports "term"
  • feature: added actions to processes (in /processes page)
  • improve: removed stack from error page
  • improve: added httpOnly flag for cookies
  • fix: form serialization does not work for checkboxes and radio buttons
  • fix: default item template is used when itemTemplates.json fails to load
  • fix: dashboard widget height
  • fix: changed design for actions for processes
  • fix: checkbox issue when selecting items
  • fix: support empty vars in processOutput form element
  • fix: required checkbox form element does not work
  • fix: on-submit lookup does not work for form item tables