Onify Hub

Container platform

Onify Hub can be installed and run on Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker or similar. Please see for more info.

  • Minimum 2 Gb RAM for API container
  • Minimum 2 Gb RAM for WORKER container
  • Minimum 250 Mb RAM for APP container
  • Minimum 250 Mb RAM for AGENT-SERVER container
  • Minimum 6 GB RAM for ELASTICSEARCH container (if not external)

Linux machine

If you want to run Onify on a single Linux machine, we recommend running on MicroK8s. Here are the recommendations if so.

  • Minimum 10 Gb RAM
  • Minimum 50 Gb HDD
  • Minimum 2 Core CPU
  • Linux OS (eg. Ubuntu or RHEL)
  • Internet access
  • No firewall enabled
  • Snapd installed

Onify Agent

  • Windows 8.1 or later or Linux
  • Minimum 4 Gb RAM for Windows
  • Minimum 1 Gb RAM for Linux
  • Powershell (for PowerShell scripts)
  • Node.js (for Node.js scripts)
  • Python v3 (for Python scripts)

Onify Agent can also run as a Windows container. Please contact [email protected] to get more information.